Christmas Art from Senior Infants

Happy Christmas and a happy new year from Miss Blake's Senior Infants

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from Miss Blake’s Senior Infants!

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Welcome back 4th Class!

IMG_20151023_092914 IMG_20151023_093103


Welcome back 4th Class! We had a lovely week running up to Halloween break. We used our procedure writing skills to make magic potion recipes and learned about the history of Vlad the Impaler. We then made spooky paintings of Dracula’s castle!

We also had a fantastic time playing Halloween games and dancing at our school disco in aid of Crumlin Hospital in the memory of our good friend. I’m glad that everyone had a wonderful and safe midterm and are already working super hard in 4th class.

Keep it up everyone!

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Ms Duggan’s Magic Maths Group!

Our 4th class maths group have been working extremely hard in the past couple of weeks. They work in pairs every week for Word Problem Wednesday and have improved hugely on figuring out these problems.
In Data, they tasted various biscuits and created bar charts to represent the votes of the class for their favourites.
Keep up the amazing work children!




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Senior Infants Maths Eyes


Ms. Dooley’s Senior Infants have had great fun this week using our Maths eyes to spot shapes everywhere! Have a look and see can you answer some of the questions below. If you can there might be a prize waiting for you in Ms.Dooley’s class. You have until the end of Maths week…

image (1)

How many parallel lines can you spot?

image (2)

How many squares can you see?

image (4)

How many full squares can you count?

image (5)

image (6)

How many shapes are there in the two pictures above?

image (7)

How many circles altogether?

image (8)

Is there an easy way to count the circles?

image (9)

How many shapes can you spot altogether?

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3rd Class have Maths Eyes!!

This week Ms. Murphy’s 3rd Class have been looking through their “Maths Eyes”! They had great fun using their tablets to take photos of maths in the environment! Why not give it a go? Have you got Maths Eyes?

How many jewels can you see? What fraction of them are red?


How many countries are in the 2015 Rugby World Cup? What fraction of the flags have red in them?


How many pairs can you see? How many fingers and toes altogether?


How many hooks altogether? Can you see any parallel lines?

image_8 image_2

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Make your own bar chart!!  primary chart bar by dannya

We had great fun in Maths today making our own bar charts.  We surveyed our group to see what everyone’s favourite chocolate bar, crisps and drinks were.  Follow the link below and you can create your own bar chart.


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Have you got Maths eyes?


We are having a Maths Eyes competition in St. Anne’s over the next few weeks. We want to find out who can use their Maths Eyes and take some really cool Maths themed photos around our school building or yard. Maths is everywhere around us!!! Take a look and you will find some examples. Children will be working in teams to take Maths Eyes photos and the winners will each receive a ten euro Smyths Voucher!!!!

Good Luck everyone

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Excitement in Ms Duggan’s 4th Class! Dubs are All Ireland Champs 2015

Welcome back 4th class! We have had a very productive September. There was huge excitement when Dublin played Kerry in the All Ireland final at Croke Park and our class learned all about the history of the GAA and the Gaelic League. We also watched the match and created reviews using our recount skills.


IMG_20150930_165626 (1)


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Up the Dubs

St. Anne’s will have a navy and blue day on Friday 18th to support the Dublin team. All children will dress in blue and navy.

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